Art Deco Architecture in Korea

Art Deco architecture in Korea, which came during the colonial period, is an extremely understudied topic. Some are of the opinion that the style skipped the peninsula altogether. In Volume 91 of Transactions, a journal published by the Royal Asiatic Society – Korea Branch, you may find an article that I’ve written focusing on just this subject. If you are unable to get a copy of the journal (it can be somewhat difficult to get your hands on), you may use the link below to read the article. In it, I discuss:

1. Art Deco in the public sphere, including some of the misclassified buildings in Korea that actually fall under the Art Deco category.
2. The widespread usage of Art Deco in red brick school architecture.
3. Why Art Deco was never widely used in the home.

Click Here: A Photographic Introduction to Art Deco Architecture in Korea

Citation Information:
Nate Kornegay, “A Photographic Introduction to Art Deco Architecture in
Korea,” Transactions 91 (2017), 55-92.

*The cover image is taken from the blueprints for the former Chungcheongnamdo Provincial Governor’s House, an art deco styled 1930s structure in Daejeon.

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